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My name is Andrea Lucado, and I’m so glad you’re here! I hope you’ll stick around for a bit to read along, laugh along and learn along with me. First, let me tell you a little about myself…

I’m a freelance writer based in the wonderful and beautiful city of Austin. I grew up in San Antonio. I went to Abilene Christian University in the desert of West Texas and studied English. Then, I moved to the lush land of England to get my masters in English at Oxford-Brookes University.

After moving back to the U.S. and spending a few years working in publishing and PR in Nashville, I have landed in the freelance world (and back in God’s Country), getting to do what I love every single day: write my little heart out.

My first book, English Lessons, released in 2017. I also write here on my blog, and other places, like The Washington Post, Fathom Magazine and elsewhere in print and online. I freelance write for various people and things and you can learn more about that work here.

More recently, I’ve been doing some speaking, and despite a very traumatizing public speaking experience in high school, I enjoy it. Visit my speaking page here for more information.

Besides writing, I love laughing with my friends, quiet and slow mornings that involve as much coffee as I want, learning more about this man named Jesus and this life-changing truth called grace, and experiencing God’s love when I least expect it. So you can expect to read a lot about those things — God, Jesus, love (of ourselves and others), and grace — on this blog.

I also ask a lot of questions in this space, and, in life in general. I’ve just always been that way. In my opinion, a life not questioned is not a life worth living. A faith not questioned is not a faith worth having. I plan to never stop asking.


  1. MH | 21st Jun 10

    Um, wow. I can definitely identify with your story. I too was studying abroad a year ago in England, and am back in the world of good ol’ Southern Americana…trying to find the bridge between what I learned and what I knew before. Glad to know there are other people out there experiencing the same thing. Last June, I was fresh off a plane and still finding train ticket stubs and pence in my pockets. I still had pictures from the Acropolis and St. Mark’s Basilica in my digital camera. I was still used to walking everywhere! Europe was a great experience. Look forward to reading your blog!

    -Morgan Harper

    P.S. I found out about your blog via my sister, who met your sister!

  2. Bigsmen | 14th Mar 11

    just read ur blog.. kinda like it.. i’ll be adding it to my favorite.

  3. Bootytoberlin | 15th Mar 11

    One tap that produces both hot and cold water – whoa!!!! 😮

  4. sadaf@large | 15th Mar 11

    Great Blog …I am a spoken English teacher in Pakistan and would be reading your hard to answer questions often 🙂

  5. baliadvertiser | 26th Apr 11

    Will bookmarks this site

  6. Patrick D | 16th Aug 11

    Great site! I noticed on your twitter profile that you work in book publicity. Do you promote SP books? If so please contact me on twitter under @SteadfastChrist.

    God Bless

  7. Kristi roze | 27th Mar 12

    I happen to fall on to this blog while looking up Matt Damon on Twitter, awkward fun fact about me and my mild obsession with useless information. As I read on through your posts I found just what i’ve been looking for. A blog about the real world, no fluff or sugar coating to sweeten the views. Just you and your thoughts for all the world to see. Very inspirering and motivating. Thank you for sharing and your gaind a real “fan”? Please keep it up. 🙂

    • Andrea Lucado | 28th Mar 12

      Haha! I love that that’s how you found my blog. Thanks so much for your encouragement. I hope this blog always stays real and away from the fluff.

  8. Chinny | 11th Nov 13

    Totally agree with your mini bio. I’m a first-year elementary teacher wanting to write and travel with my life, but the demands of teaching in a low-income school suck the life and time out of me. But what you wrote about “What did I have left to blog about? And when would I have time with a normal, grown-up 8-5 job? The easy answers were a.) nothing and b.) I don’t. But the difficult answers, a.) what is there not left to write about? and b.) the weekends, my lunch break, or free evenings, kept staring me in the face” convict me, so I should figure how to manage my time better. We are two peas in pod as “a 20-something, new-to-the-workplace, trying-to-find-and- pursue-her-true-passions girl, who may or may not be in a little bit of denial regarding her entry into the real world.” I thought I was the only one. Thanks Andrea 🙂 Looking forward to reading more

  9. Jonathan | 25th Feb 14

    Hello Andrea, my name is Jonathan (from Australia). I live in the Basque Country here in Europe with my family. Thanks for your blog and openness in your writing. It is refreshing to read your writing!

  10. Kelli | 4th Jun 14


    Thank you for continuing to write! Your writing is refreshing and I feel like I’m sitting down with a long lost friend. Happy Tuesday 🙂

  11. bruna martins | 24th Mar 15

    Hi andrea, i’m Bruna (from Brazil). I just found your website and i loved it! I can learn english and think about God’s things. Thank you for that! God bless you..

  12. Natacha Ramos | 13th Apr 15

    Hi! I’ve been trying to subscribe to your blog but this just doesn’t let me.

    I keep writing my e-mail and is rejected. I tried with another e-mail and happened the same.

    What could be the problem? That I’m from Venezuela?

    Maybe I’m the only one but I comment it here just in case is a problem with the blog so you are aware of it.

    God bless you.

  13. Look at My New Website! + A Giveaway | Andrea Lucado | 14th Dec 15

    […] About […]

  14. Andrea Debbink | 17th Dec 15

    Hi Andrea! Another Andrea here. I first discovered your writing while reading Storyline and have read your blog in the past too. The new site is beautiful! Congrats! I look forward to reading more from you here and other places. I appreciate your thoughtful and humble perspective.

  15. AA | 5th Jan 16

    Nice to meet you Andrea ! I first read you on Relevant and I really liked it. Nice new website design 🙂 Keep on sharing your heart with us, it’s a blessing 🙂

  16. sdf | 18th Feb 16

    What’s up, of course this post is actually good and
    I have learned lot of things from it on the topic of blogging.

  17. Carrie Rogers | 13th Aug 16

    I have enjoyed your writing on She Reads Truth and I can’t wait to read more on your blog. Writing & Jesus who could ask for more. 🙂

  18. Mike Michelsen | 18th Oct 16

    I love that picture of you in front of the Batman building. You look like a model. I hope you are doing well.


  19. Beatrice Slade | 29th Dec 16

    Hi Andrea,
    I discovered your blog through one of your father’s books translated in french which I will give to my daughter: 40 pocket prayers for Mums.
    So I came on your blog and read two very interesting posts: What’s really killing your spiritual life? And What empathy is and what it is not.
    Convinced by those readings, I subscribed and look forward to receive your mails.
    I live in Switzerland.

  20. Michelle | 23rd Jan 17

    Are you related to Max?

  21. Andrea Pedersen | 14th Feb 17

    You inspire me!

  22. Larry Noland | 28th Feb 17

    I really enjoy your writing, and that of your father’s. I feel a little strange for being a senior citizen and reading your blog (or any blog). But, I find your words poignant and refreshing. Thank you!

  23. Kathy OBryant | 8th May 17

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Reading Your Dad’s Books! And I LOVE To Hear Him Speak Also, I Saw Him At A Women Of Faith Conference A While Back And He Speaks EXACTLY As He Writes, So Eloquently! When Reading His Books, It Fills Me With Peace And I Feel As Though I Am Right There, Living In That Moment That He’s Writing About! He Is An AMAZING Writer And Man Of God! No Doubt That You Have Followed In His Footsteps And Received That Same AMAZING Talent! May God Richly Bless You!

  24. Ted Boulet | 26th May 17

    I am watching you being interviewed by your Dad. You are talking about your book and your experiences of going through doubt. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Andrea Lucado | 8th Jun 17

      Thank you for listening.

  25. JOHN | 30th May 17


    • Andrea Lucado | 8th Jun 17

      Hi John! I didn’t gear it specifically toward women or men. I’ve heard from readers of both genders, so I guess it’s speaking to men and women 🙂 The main topic is struggling with faith in another country. So I would say anyone who has struggled in his faith, had doubts or questions would probably see a part of himself in this story.

  26. Angie Gray Fann | 8th Jul 17

    Hi Andrea. I just shot you an email and realized that that IS, in fact, the “batman building” in our common city, Nashville. I’m cracking up. I can’t wait to dive into your blog and I’d love it if you had a quick peek at mine. I hope you’re enjoying being back in God’s country. I don’t know if we were there the same years, but too bad we missed each other at ACU! Though I’m probably ancient at 40-something. Ha! Cheers and happy writing! Definitely buying your book. Blessings!

  27. Jill Hudson | 10th Jul 17

    Hello Andrea! Just finished your book, and straightaway started reading it again! It was so beautifully written, and I could so identify with what you were saying. But what you may find strange is that I am English, born and bred! I became a ‘real’ Christian at 16, despite being from a typical nominal/vaguely-churchgoing British background. When I joined the Christian Union I became part of a great group of Christian friends, though we were certainly in the minority at our school. But when I went up to cCambridge, and later studied in Oxford, I felt as much a fish out of water as you did. England is a very nuanced and complex place, even though by American standards it is very small. I am from the north, and never feel at ‘home’ in the ‘home counties’. However, I always feel at home with people who as big questions!

  28. FirstJoyce | 29th Dec 17

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  29. Penny Lively | 30th Mar 19

    Thoughtful, mindful, intentional…..your writing encourages me to tightly embrace the new normals of daily life this side of Heaven!!

  30. Victoria Whiteurst | 21st Jul 19

    Hi Andrea,

    I was searching the net looking for a book or something that I could relate to that would help me in what I am going through and there you were. I feel so lost. I was raised in the church, went to church everyday of the week and it wasn’t that I was taught to not question, but being taught by two loving parents about God, faith, Christianity, heaven and hell, it was why would I question. Now I sit here as an adult and thinking of the life experiences I overcame and the people who have crossed my path who were not raised in the church as I was, but who are still amazing people I am questioning it all, what I was taught to believe that is. I feel like I don’t know what to believe and where to start to find out for myself what I believe. I know I believe in God and my faith, but the religion is what I’m struggling with and what God truly intended for us before man grabbed a hold of it. I’m still searching for answers but I just wanted you to know that what I’ve digested so far from what you have touched upon has helped me. Thank you.

  31. Denise | 6th Nov 21

    Thank you for your opinion on abortion that ran in USA Today. I think more people looked at life the way you do.

  32. Rose | 6th Nov 21

    Your piece about abortion in USA Today was so beautifully put and spot on. As a mom of several kids, including one miscarriage, and survivor of severe PPD, have never felt more compassion from a Christian than reading your words. Whenever I listen to people who vote pro-life (or more appropriately, pro-forced birth) I am completely stunned by how great they are at making a ton of cold-hearted and wrong assumptions about others they don’t know and will never know, and how superbly awful at listening or educating themselves about reality. Their signs and chants at rallies essentially say “I don’t need to know your story, my life experience is the only one that matters, I have all of the answers for you.” There is no love there, no concern about the suffering or consequences that these inhumane laws create, no even compassion for parents or kids, only self-congratulation that they earned brownie points with God.

  33. Dennis Coates | 6th Nov 21

    Great article on abortion and Texas. I can’t offer much opinion . I am an old white Canadian. But I sent the article to a gay husband ws ho recently left his marriage and is giving up on God. I asked him to personalize your opinion towards his struggle. Sorry for the theft . But it is for a greater cause to hopefully help him humanize himself

  34. Mary Wivell | 9th Nov 21

    Just read your opinion piece in USA Today. I want to thank you. As a fellow Christian, I really relate to your reasoning that we need to listen, and humanize the women who may feel they need to have an abortion. Laws like the one passed in Texas truly dehumanize women and ignore the complexity of the issue. I appreciate your reasoning and your leadership in speaking up so eloquently on this topic.

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