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The giveaway winners are…

(as your name appears in the comments section below)

Shannon Franks

Hayley Davis

Laura (no last initial)

Kathie Littleton

Louise Warren

Send me you address asap via my contact page, and I’ll mail you your Bible!

Welcome to my new site! If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice that things are lookin’ a lot better here at AndreaLucado.com now. If this is your first visit here, welcome!

A loud and thankful shout out to Micah J. Murray for designing this beautiful place. A few things to note, besides the wonderful look of everything: I have a brand new “About” page, an awesome “Portfolio” page to show you what kind of work I do and where, and you might notice I have real pictures of myself up that my talented friend Amber took of me.

I know, I know. So much is happening. And there’s more.


To celebrate this momentous occasion I am doing a BIG giveaway. I have five, count ‘em FIVE, copies of the NIV Bible for Women: Fresh Insights for Thriving in Today’s World that just released this fall. Have you seen this thing? It’s beautiful, and there are contributions from 100 different women writers, including Shauna Niequist, Laura Ortberg Turner, Annie Downs, Margaret Feinberg and me, who does not belong in that list.

If you need a new Bible, or if you need a Christmas gift for a woman in your life, here’s how you can win:

Write a comment below to have your name entered in the drawing ONCE.

Write a comment and subscribe to my blog (enter email in box to the right) to have your name entered TWICE.

Write a comment below, subscribe to my blog, AND post on social media about the giveaway mentioning my name (Twitter: @AndreaLucado, Instagram: @AndreaLucado, Facebook: Andrea Lucado) to have your name entered THREE TIMES.

You have until Thursday, December 10 to enter. The goal is for you to have your copy by Christmas Eve, so hopefully we can make that happen.

Thanks for stopping by! Look around. Read around. I’m so excited for a new and better and more aesthetically pleasing chapter for my site, and I hope you are too.


  1. Delba Marlin | 3rd Dec 15

    So happy to see this new website!

  2. Dabney | 3rd Dec 15

    Beautiful new website – excited to follow along!

  3. Sheridan Voysey | 3rd Dec 15

    The new site is beautiful, Andrea, and reflects your work so well. Congrats to you!

  4. Lauren | 3rd Dec 15

    Love your new website!

  5. Sylvia Villalpando | 3rd Dec 15

    love your website!

  6. Wendy Hood | 3rd Dec 15

    You absolutely do belong in that list of women 🙂
    (And great new web site. Well done to you and your friends).

  7. Wendy Hood | 3rd Dec 15

    (I tried to subscribe to the new website but I’m already subscribed so maybe this will count as my second entry).

  8. Sarah | 3rd Dec 15

    Beautiful site! I’m inspired!!❤❤❤

  9. Heather Bedinger | 3rd Dec 15

    I’m looking forward to following your new journey! You have such talent!

  10. Carrie Lynne Cook | 3rd Dec 15

    Lovely site! I will sign up to follow it.

  11. Judi Nishikawa | 3rd Dec 15

    Your new website is beautiful. I have been following you for some time now and have been blessed by your posts.

  12. Sally Tempro | 3rd Dec 15

    The new site is beautiful! What a blessing you are!

  13. Erika Lowry | 3rd Dec 15

    I absolutely love your blog! Your insight is so encouraging. Thank you for what you do! 🙂

  14. Jason Jones | 3rd Dec 15

    Beautiful site, friend Well done!

  15. Anita Wilkes | 3rd Dec 15

    Love your blog!!!

  16. Nancy | 3rd Dec 15

    I am looking forward to following you on your blog!

  17. Kelly Hobbs | 3rd Dec 15

    Congrats on your new home! Looking forward to many visits in the future!

  18. Danielle | 3rd Dec 15

    love seeing your new everything that is falling into place for you! God has big plans for you Andrea!

  19. Ann Chandler | 3rd Dec 15

    Love the website! You are so beautiful inside and out and I’m so glad you share your thoughts with all of us in such an honest way. God bless you as you continue to evolve in your writing as God has planned.

  20. Martha carrigan | 3rd Dec 15

    I love your writing! Thanks

  21. Katy Boatman | 3rd Dec 15

    The new site looks great, Dre!!

  22. Callie Settles | 3rd Dec 15

    Love the website!

  23. Erin Davis | 3rd Dec 15

    Yay Andrea! You’re new website is beautiful!

  24. Kelsey | 3rd Dec 15

    Love the new website! Looks so great!!

  25. Tamara Lexow | 3rd Dec 15

    Micah is a genius! The site is beautiful and I’m glad to be following along.

  26. Amy L. Lee | 3rd Dec 15

    Gorgeous work, Ladies! Beautiful design and beautiful hearts!

  27. Hailey Stevens | 3rd Dec 15

    I’m so excited for your website launch, Dre!!

  28. Laura | 3rd Dec 15

    Website looks fantastic! I am excited to follow along 🙂

  29. Kim Elliott | 3rd Dec 15

    Andrea, what an accomplishment! The website and the pictures are wonderful. God has got big plans for you my friend.

  30. Lauryn Hines | 3rd Dec 15

    Andrea, the new website looks great! Congratulations on everything! I love keeping up with your writing adventures. 🙂

  31. Shannon Franks | 3rd Dec 15

    The website looks great! So happy for you. Praying for this new adventure and can’t wait to keep reading your posts!

  32. Judy Ruiz | 3rd Dec 15

    Your new website is beautiful. I cannot wait to read all your blogs. You are a great blessing to me. Thank you.

  33. Hayley Davis | 3rd Dec 15

    Um, this is absolutely amazing. I am so stoked! What a refreshing page. I’m excited to see where this next season takes you!

  34. Stephenie Sullivan | 3rd Dec 15

    what a great site update!

  35. Stephenie Sullivan | 3rd Dec 15

    I’m already an email subscriber….maybe we can count this as my second entry?

  36. Lynn Winston | 3rd Dec 15

    Love this new website and your blog!

  37. Lisa | 3rd Dec 15

    I love your new website and enjoy reading your blog!

  38. Kathie Littleton | 3rd Dec 15

    I’m so excited for you Andrea! I’m loving the look and feel!

  39. Suzy Dudich | 4th Dec 15

    Hey Andrea! Congrats on your new website! It’s beautiful!! Woohoo!

  40. Louise Warren | 4th Dec 15

    My secret: I pray.

  41. Janet | 4th Dec 15

    Love your new website! Thanks for sharing your heart with us!

  42. Sarafaye Griswold | 4th Dec 15

    Andrea, I am thrilled with your new website. I Just love it. I knew this announcement would probably be coming soon and I am so glad you made it happen. Keep up the great work!

  43. Alex Waddell | 4th Dec 15

    What a beautiful Bible. I’m actually looking for a new copy of God’s word!

  44. Danae | 4th Dec 15

    Lovely blog!

  45. Fiona Dudley | 4th Dec 15

    How inspiring! Congratulations! I know I shall enjoy your blog & learn a lot from you.

  46. Danae | 4th Dec 15

    Lovely website!!

  47. Beth Lyons | 4th Dec 15

    I appreciate your honesty and experience. I love to write, and haven’t had the courage or ambition to launch a career in writing. God has a plan for all of us. I must continue to do the next right (or write) thing, and see where God leads me.

  48. Lana L | 4th Dec 15

    You’re gorgeous! xo

  49. Molly Keener | 5th Dec 15

    Love this new look! So proud of you!

  50. Ibukunoluwa | 5th Dec 15

    Congrats Andrea.I love youryour ‘writings’

  51. Sarah | 5th Dec 15

    Your new site is lovely, Andrea! And the Bible for Women looks really interesting! 🙂

  52. Jamie | 5th Dec 15

    This looks awesome! First time visiting your page and I’m excited to read more!

  53. Christine | 5th Dec 15

    So excited for you.

  54. Emilie | 5th Dec 15

    Andrea, I have greatly appreciated your blog posts and love the new website! Thank you for your insight. Take care, Emilie

  55. Christina Espiritu Barnett | 7th Dec 15

    Congratulations on your beautiful new look!

  56. Cathy Spain | 7th Dec 15

    Wow! I didn’t know you had a blog. Looking forward to wading through the old entries and catching up to where you are now.

  57. Laura M | 8th Dec 15

    I just stumbled upon your name through SheReadsTruth, and I found your site after connecting you to your dad. I love his writing, so I have a feeling I’ll enjoy yours too. I’m inspired and encouraged by what you said about Jesus and grace on your “about” page. Keep on keeping on! He is worth it.

  58. Kelly Hamilton | 9th Dec 15

    Lovely website! Just finished reading your contribution to #SheReadsTruth’s Advent devo and, because I share the square on instagram, went there to see if I could find you to tag… I did! And the Gram led me here… I wish there had been young women like you in my life when I was younger…. but I praise jesus for you now because the world is dark and we need all the light we can get! Merry Christmas!

  59. Aurélia NGG | 9th Dec 15

    I love your new website 🙂 Good job !

  60. karen | 9th Dec 15

    this is an exciting new chapter in your life! so thrilled to see another generation of ‘lucado’ writing!

  61. Alice Childress | 10th Dec 15

    Love your new website. Love reading your articles.

  62. Bronwyn | 10th Dec 15

    Beautiful post!

  63. Cameran Smith | 10th Dec 15

    Love your work!

  64. Sandy Hendrix | 10th Dec 15

    I’m looking forward to reading your articles!

  65. Sarah | 11th Dec 15

    Beautiful website, beautiful Bible! Thanks for the chance to win. Love reading your posts!

  66. Marie | 11th Dec 15

    Your blog looks great! I’d love to win, been needing a new bible!

  67. Natalie | 11th Dec 15

    Looks good.

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