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Editing Services

I’ve been writing professionally for more than a decade. I know that even the best writer can be better with a little outside help. We writers can easily find ourselves lost in a project or manuscript. We get so close to our own material that we can no longer decipher up from down. I know this feeling well. It’s disorienting and discouraging. This is why I offer to come alongside you to help with the big-picture edits your book needs to be its absolute best.

You can view me as a friend who is here to kindly lead you out of the tunnel. Not sure if this chapter fits? Let me take a look. Worried that this chunk of your manuscript isn’t making any sense? I will flag anything that needs clarity and help you get out of the weeds. Wondering why a certain story feels off? I can figure out why and tell you how to fix it.

Writing is a lonely job. It has to be this way for a while but at some point, you will need help. You will need another opinion and someone to simply tell you that you aren’t crazy and you are on the right path, even if you’ve veered from it a little. By the end of our time together, you won’t feel underwater anymore. You will have clear direction on what to fix, what can stay and what should go, giving you the confidence you need to submit your manuscript not questioning if it’s good enough, but knowing it is some of the best work you’ve ever done.


I offer two tiers of service: the manuscript consultation and the manuscript review & critique. I also offer an optional re-review of the manuscript.

  • Manuscript consultation: I read through your manuscript and submit a synopsis on areas of strength, weakness, and how you can improve the manuscript overall. This is a good option for someone who’s spent a lot of time on their manuscript already and feels comfortable making edits with less hands-on direction.
  • Manuscript review & critique: This is a more in-depth review of the book, where I make suggestions for structural improvements, writing style, and overall flow. I make all of these notes in the margin, so the writer can accept or reject any changes. If needed, I may write an editorial letter to go more in-depth about my suggestions to improve the manuscript. This is a good option for a first-time writer or someone who knows her manuscript needs more work but doesn’t have the time to do it.
  • Re-review (optional): I will review your manuscript again after you’ve had time to make the changes I suggested during your consultation or review & critique. (Note: If you’ve largely re-written your book in the editing process, a re-review will not be helpful, and I will likely recommend another round of in-depth editing by me or someone else.)


I am currently reviewing manuscripts in the following nonfiction genres: memoir, spiritual growth, self-help, practical living, personal essay collections.


This is dependent upon which tier of service you choose, whether or not you will want to add the re-review, and the length of your manuscript. Once I have all of the information on your project, I will submit a proposed rate.

Turnaround Time

Manuscript consultation: two weeks

Manuscript review & critique: four weeks

Re-review: two weeks

My Qualifications

I’ve been freelance writing since 2010 and have been a full-time professional writer since 2014. From 2009-2014, I worked in book publishing in the editorial and publicity departments. I received my master’s in English literature from Oxford Brookes University and my bachelor’s in English from Abilene Christian University. I am the author of English Lessons: The Crooked Path of Growing Toward Faith (Waterbrook & Multnomah), a spiritual memoir released in 2017. Publishers Weekly called it “a bravura series of essays.” Some of my other recently published works include:

Anxious for Nothing for Young Readers (Thomas Nelson, 2021)

You Were Made for This Moment Study Guide (Thomas Nelson, 2021)

You Are Never Alone Study Guide (Thomas Nelson, 2020)

Jesus Study Guide (Thomas Nelson, 2020)

Happy Today: A Guided Journal to Genuine Joy (Thomas Nelson, 2019)

How Happiness Happens Study Guide (Thomas Nelson, 2019)

Praying the Promises (Thomas Nelson, 2018)

Pocket Prayers: 40 Simple Prayers that Bring Peace and Rest (Thomas Nelson, 2014)

I’ve spoken to writing classes at universities and have conducted readings of my work. My articles have been published in publications such as Christianity Today, Relevant, USA Today, and Washington Post.

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