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A Few Thoughts on Quitting Your Job and Going Freelance

A little over a year ago I quit my job at a publishing house and went freelance full time. Freelance writing, that is. Which has also meant some freelance PR and some speaking and some other ways that I found out I can be “freelance.” My overall thought on being a freelance writer is that 1. I really love it and 2. it’s really hard. It’s not for everybody, I don’t think, and there were many times this year that I thought it wasn’t for me. Like the time in January when I had been working…

My Big Plan To Reduce Stress in 2015

I’ve been a little stressed lately. I know because my body tells me: -I have a consistent and annoying pulse in my right eye. -According to my dentist, I tense my jaw at night and need to purchase a mouth guard asap (sexy). – During a massage–the second massage I’ve ever had in my life—the masseuse told me I have some of the most tense muscles she has ever felt. I told her about my mouth guard, and she told me, “That’s great, but you should really just fix your problems.” Point is, I’m…